Although all modern browsers understand XSLT stylesheets  W3C XSL Transformations (XSLT) , they are hardy ever used. This framework shall close the gap. Use it as a quarry to create your own XSLT stylesheets.



Build your own XSLT stylesheet


If this page is displayed as in the adress field of your browser, you are viewing an example of a presentation interpreted by the Arbalo framework. Click the right mouse button for seeing how much work it does for you!. If this page is displayed as , however, you are viewing the compiled version. If you are looking into the source text you will find the generated sections, too.

The reference application of this framework is available interpreted Reference application Battle at Arbalo , interpreted as well as compiled Reference application Battle at Arbalo , compiled

Normally there is only one of both variants on the server, either the compiled or interpreted one.