Arbalo XSLT Framework


You may modify the XSLT stylesheet arbalo.xsl by editing or importing it. In simple cases it is not necessary to override templates: Adapt the param s at its beginning instead.

If you do not want to modify arbalo.xsl , you can set the param s in a stylesheet of your own (e. g. my.xsl ) that import s arbalo.xsl :

<s:stylesheet xmlns:s="">
	<s:import href="arbalo.xsl"/>
	<s:param name="feat-a-name-title" select="false()" />


my.xsl is invoked in your *.xml  files instead of arbalo.xsl  .

The value of a parameter should be an XPATH expression . In most instances it is a logical value B (e. g. "true()", "1"; "false()", "0", "$feat-1 and not($feat-2)"), an integer I , a string S or a node set N . 1

Parameters can be passed to a compiler like Xalan or Saxon. 2

On the next page the parameters are listed.

1Caution: a string is exactly false if it is empty. "'true'" is true; "'false'" is true, too; "''" is false.

2 In that case the boolean value false  is passed as empty string, true  as any non-empty string.